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13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth

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The Secret Sauce That Turns Brands Into Legends

Why do some companies have loyal, cult-like followings while others blend into oblivion? Is a good product enough to win in the market today?

In a world where traditional marketing is losing its edge and products are struggling to stand out, a thriving community is your biggest asset.

Recognizing that true success lies not in products or technologies, but in the power of people, author Lloyed Lobo explores the intricate art of harnessing the community's strength as your ultimate acquisition channel, brand differentiator, feedback source, retention lever, and growth moat.



“Lloyed is not only an exceptional community builder, he's also a student of the craft. He's soaked up lessons from the best communities in the world for this book.”
Jason Lemkin
Founder, SaaStr



Accelerate Your Business With Community Led Growth

Rule 1: Unleash CAMPER

Rule 2: Pick Your Community Model

Rule 3: Discover Your Why

Rule 4: Set an Inspiring Goal

Rule 5: Find Your People

Rule 6: Nail Then Scale

Rule 7: Create the “Aha” Moment

Rule 8: Design Unforgettable Experiences

Rule 9: Collaborate with Your Community

Rule 10: Reward Your Champions

Rule 11: Make Your Community Sticky

Rule 12: Show Up Consistently

Rule 13: Measure and Monetize



How the best companies build enduring brands with raving fans

Experience the journey of successful communities both big and small such as Harley Davidson, Nike, Crossfit, HubSpot and many more to learn 13 key rules to attract your own army of passionate and devoted fans that will take you all the way from grassroots to greatness.

Brands of yesterday were built on what they told the world about themselves... Brands of the future will be built on what the community says about them.





Some Love From The Community

Friends & Colleagues, I strongly encourage you to pre-order Lloyed’s book on Community Led Growth. Lloyed has unique insights on how to build an epic community! I know first-hand as I've seen his traction community scale to over 100k of the most significant names in technology. Lloyed truly exemplifies grassroots greatness!

Daniel Saks

Cofounder, AppDirect

Lloyed's a legend. I'll give this a read in the absence of a #tractionconf this year.

Frederic Lardinois

Sr. Enterprise Editor, TechCrunch

Anyone who has met Lloyed will have experienced his community building power first hand. He has intro’d/ helped/ advised/ hustled/ connected and supported thousands of people directly and indirectly. Congrats on getting this out of your head and into a digestible form for the rest of us.

Jason Smith

CEO, Klue

Congratulations Lloyed Lobo. Such an impressive effort and great to see how you have nurtured and mobilized the startup community.

Menaka (MK) Shroff

Senior Marketing Director, Google

You're a legend Lloyed congrats my friend!

Andrew Gazdecki

Founder and CEO, Acquire.com

Lloyed is a miraculous and inspiring man sharing thoughts and perspectives that make our lives better and make us feel the present and future are bright.

Ossama Hassanein

Chairman, Rising Tide Ventures

Top New Release in Startups on Amazon on the first day!!! I know how hard you've been working on this. Excited to see you share it with the world.

Ray Walia

CEO, Launch Ventures

THE book of 2023! Congrats on this huge milestone and all the years of hard work and lessons learned/ earned that went into this! I see the impact of this book already every day as a Boast investor. Relationship > transaction … community > sales

Chris J. Livingston

Partner, Radian Capital

Folks who want to build a successful community or wanting to know how thriving communities work, need to get their hands on Lloyeds book.

Nikhil Choudhary

General Partner, Nirman Ventures

You have been a true champion for community-first mindset since I first met you ages ago. It’s great to see your approach is now distilled (and immortalized) into a book — looking forward to reading this!!

Anastasia Hambali

Partnerships, Boast AI

You’re an inspiration to many and I’m so happy to have befriended you at the beginning of our journey. Get the book, people!

Kris Hartvigsen

CEO, Dooly

Your desire to help is so genuine and I know the book will inspire others.

Ammar Hanafi

Partner, Moment Ventures

Lloyed Lobo a great entrepreneur. His experiences, both in bootstrapping and community building are well worth a read!

Preetish Nijhawan

Managing Partner, Cervin

Having worked with Lloyed Lobo directly, I can confirm he is a master of marketing, sales, and startup growth strategy. This is a super exciting release from someone who has been in the trenches and built successful businesses from scratch. Check it out!

John Brody

CTO, Wonderschool

Congrats Lloyed! I can’t think of anyone better suited to unpack the power of community after everything you’ve done for so many people in our industry.

Lucas Perlman

VC, StandUp Ventures

Fantastic! . . . Lloyed’s energy, intellect, generosity of spirit, love of people, and community building prowess shared in his book! Sending copies to all my friends.

Trent Johnsen

CEO, Liveweb

So proud of you and the work you've done over the last decade

Melissa Kwan

CEO, eWebinar

You were one of the big inspirations this year to me on how to work really hard towards a goal while putting tremendous value in the center of it.

Leah Tharin

Head of Product / Growth - Jua.ai

If you know this amazing human, you also know where his heart and mind are always focused ….. on “human-ing the best one can”…. take a moment to appreciate how one’s journey and story can help enrich your own! See below.

Amish Patel

Founder, Conduit Venture Labs,

Lloyed, you are one of the best community builders I know, and it all comes from the heart. This book comes from your heart as well!

Brian Ascher

Partner, Venrock

This is going to be a staple for business leaders. Amazing job.

Scott D. Clary

Founder, The Success Story Podcast

I love your perspective on community, Lloyed and am so grateful to be part of yours. ❤️

Jacqui Murphy

CMO, Fellow.app

Just pre-ordered Lloyed's new book! Lloyed is an amazing founder and understands community in a very deep way. Highly recommend everyone check this out.

Aydin Mirzaee

CEO, Fellow.app

Congrats Lloyed. Your journey is an inspiration!

Mark Macleod

CEO Coach

I'm blown away by the journey Lloyed Lobo has been on. Bootstrapping any startup is no small feat, and bootstrapping Boast AI to $10M ARR is an inspiring reflection of Lloyed's perseverance and commitment to building community. This book will inspire countless founders to think bigger, just as you've always done, and is sure to be an invaluable resource for any founder.

Kareem Ayyad

Founder, Uktob.ai

Congratulations Lloyed. Community-led growth is a common way for practical SaaS founders to create efficient customer acquisition in the early days. Thanks for all you do for crazy software founders!

Greg Head

Founder, Practical Founders

Super excited about Lloyed Lobo's new book From Grassroots to Greatness. It's all about how to build a huge loyal following through community. If you're serious about scaling your biz - this book is a MUST Read ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Jeff Mains

CEO, Intelligent Contacts

Can't wait to read this one Lloyed LoboIt's been a game changer collaborating the past months! Looking forward for more of those sessions

Jean-Baptiste Coger

Cofounder and CPO, Plato

I know this book is going to be a hit, and make an impact on a whole cohort of founders

Derek Koch

Co-founder, The Seeker

Make sure to pre-order now! A game-changer for anyone looking to create, nurture, and grow thriving communities - both online and offline. Essential reading for our times. Dive in, and let's build stronger bonds together! #CommunityMatters #buildingtogether

Miriam Dong

2 x Founder

Lloyed, what an awesome book!

Olof Mathé

Co-founder & CEO, Mixmax

Lloyed is the venn diagram of hustle, brand building, and 'you can't kill me'. It's been cool seeing him/Boast grow through the years and I can't wait to read the book.

Collin Stewart

CEO, Predictable Revenue

Congrats Lloyed! I can’t wait to read it. Your energy and passion to bring people together is something else! A lot more accomplishments will come from you for sure! Stay awesome and keep rocking!

Arun Ganesan

Divisional CIO, SVB

H/T to tireless tech entrepreneur.

Sean Silcoff

Reporter, The Globe and Mail

A must read, especially for Canadian entrepreneurs... Lloyed has a unique perspective on building a business from both Canada and the Silicon Valley. Congrats buddy!

Robert Price

CEO, Bōde

Lloyed has done an amazing job building communities. Read his new book to learn how building communities can help you in your personal and professional journey.

Alper Celen

Partner, Enhance Ventures

Congrats Lloyed Lobo on your upcoming book, Grassroots to Greatness! You’re a true inspiration and an amazing human! Can’t wait to read it. Looking forward to seeing you soon 👊🏽

Tony Paladin

Senior Manager, Presight.ai

Lloyed’s one of the most thoughtful people I've met and continually find myself collecting the gems he drops in our convos. And now I'm excited to see it all in one place in his upcoming book!

David Zhou

IR, Alchemist Accelerator

The best way and most efficient way to scale your business is through building a strong community. No one has done it better than Lloyed Lobo at Boast.AI. Must buy and read book for anyone in startup scaling role.

Brandon F. Goldman

VP, Sales Regal.io

I’ve had the privilege of picking his 🧠 on all things community for years and now everyone will be able to get access to his expertise.

Addo Smajic

CEO, Source

From humble beginnings, Lloyed’s journey resembles a phoenix’s rise, a diamond’s formation, and a symphony of success against doubt’s dissonance. This book is a must read.

George Monty

Host, True Life Podcast

Love how you share your journey in such an authentic way!

Henry Shi

Co-Founder, Super.com

The man, the myth, the legend Lloyed Lobo dropping his first book, must read!

Hafiz Mitha

Founder, PlayCity

An incredible entrepreneur and human being, Lloyed Lobo. Excited to get into this book.

Manny Bahia

Co-founder, Daily Hive

Do yourself a favour and get this book. Lloyed is one of the best community builders out there!

Ilya Brotzky

CEO, VanHack

Community building and community led growth is the hottest topic at the moment and anyone who is doing business can benefit from Lloyed personal success story AND a deep dive into community led businesses.

Mina Litvinova

CEO, AR-More

I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable Lloyd has been as one of our most supportive friends, investors, and advisors throughout the Lotly startup journey. I'm eager to see him sharing his wisdom in his forthcoming book!

Grace DuGrace Du

Cofounder, Lotly.com

Congrats, Lloyed! Love that you’re sharing your experience and knowledge about community 👏🏽👏🏽

Celina Zamora

Community, ServiceNow

Everything you need to know about community-led growth

Patrick Lor

Partner, Panache Ventures

Lloyed has written an amazing book about community building. He is a compassionate, thoughtful and big ideas guy.

Aaron Vidas

CEO, DASS Services

Lloyed Lobo's new book: “From Grassroots to Greatness” is a deep dive into how some of the most iconic brands leveraged the power of communities to start, grow, monetize, and change the world.

Adarsh Pallian

Angel Investor